Saturday, 7 February 2009

My First Blog

This will just be a short post, because it's Saturday night, my dinner is nearly cooked, and my brain has only really begun to work since filling it with alcohol last night at a friends 30th birthday.

This blogging thing is quite exciting, and very geeky. A collection of individuals, probably many thousands, more likely millions, who believe that their personal outlook on the world would be interesting enough to publish on the interweb for all to view, read and comment on. I don't believe for a second that my blog will be more or less interesting than the next person's, but simply something for me to look back on in years to come, and remember what I was doing at six o'clock on Saturday 7th February 2009.

I'd like to think that my life, thoughts and everything inbetween will be interesting, but I suppose everybody hopes that about their own work. Nobody wants to waste their time pretending to be able to type, so that no one will ever read it, and subsequently define it as a waste of time. I hope that my posts will be amusing, and get a few people tuning in to what comes out of my head, and dribbles out onto the keyboard. Stephen Fry can do it. Maybe I can go on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, and tell everyone that I Twitter? Which will hopefully bring up my followers from 7 (one of which is my Mum, one is a news feed, and two others aren't real people) to a number considerably more.

So, here goes. To the future of blogging, twittering and all the other ways of letting people, probably nobody, know what you were thinking on this day at this time. I can't wait.

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