Sunday, 8 February 2009

I'm Lost...

So, whilst flying over the Pacific Ocean, Oceanic flight 815 crashed on what seemed to be a deserted
Island. 40+ passengers survived the crash and having been on a course from Sydney to LA decided that as they didn't really know where they were, they were Lost.

Well, it's Season 5 of the ever so confusing television show and quite frankly I'm Lost. Season 2 introduced the survivors of the tail of the plane, and also a man named Ben, who was pretending to be someone else. Many of these new people died.

Season 3 tried to introduce 'The Others', who look just like normal people, apart from Ben, who has creepy eyes. More of the original crash survivors were introduced, only to be (in one case) buried alive, whilst under the influence of spider venom which paralysed them, gutted!

Season 4 came round and gave every viewer the hope that they would one day get rescued, as there were helicopters and boats out at sea, which had people claiming to be there to help. They weren't. Well, not totally. They actually wanted the creepy eyed Ben. It concluded with 5 survivors, plus a baby (the Oceanic Six) getting off the Island in a Helicopter, the boat that was supposed to take them home blowing up, and the Island, after Ben turned what looked like a horizontal pirate ship steering wheel, seemed to disappear, leaving the helicopter no where to land, other than the ocean. Miraculously they were rescued, and the 'Cliff Hanger' at the end of the season, set 3 years after the escape, was that they had to get back to the Island.

Is everyone keeping up?

Season 5 began with a little hint that 'Exotic Matter' was responsible for the Island's power, and also the ability to be able to time travel. So now, 4 episodes in, the Island, along with all the survivors who were not luck enough to be part of the Oceanic Six, are now jumping from time to time, within what so far looks like the past 50 years, and maybe into the future. Ben wants to kill some guys daughter (Penny), because his (Ben's) daughter was killed by a mercenary, working for the other guy (Penny's Dad). Sun wants to kill Ben (creepy eyes), because he was responsible for Jin being blown up on the boat, however it now appears that Jin survived the blast, and is also jumping around in time.

Season 6??? I only hope that we find out the answers to all the questions asked by the program. The black smoke? How old is Richard? Why did Charles Widmore leave the Island? Why is John Locke so important? Do all the survivors have some connection? How did the original 'Others' get on the Island? What the hell is exotic matter? I'm sure there are more, and I'm excited to find out.

I love the show, and I can't wait for the next episode. I have a desire to finish what I started watching back in 2004, not only because J. J. Abrams has some amazing ideas for very interesting stories, but also because it's a show my Dad really enjoyed, but will now never get to see the conclusion of, so I'm watching it for him too.

So, I'll be tuning in next week. Same time (21:00), same channel (Sky 1), to see if they can baffle me further with smoke, and time travel, and Polar Bears, and The Others, and exotic matter, and the Dhama Initiative.

Bloody Hell, I'm Lost!!!

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