Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm nearly 30 and I'm working in the Kitchen at Pizza Hut

At the tender age of 29, I find myself working 5 hours on a Friday night at the Pizza Hut in Huddersfield, by the football stadium. It's not due to the credit crunch, I do earn enough money with my regular nine to five, and it's not really because I'm trying to save up for anything in particular.

About 6 weeks ago I decided that my Friday nights were being wasted with unsatisfactory television, and over indulgence in sparkling beverages (mainly Lager), and so thought that a regular evening of diverse conversation crossed with £5.73 (rising to £6.09 after 3 months) per hour would be a good substitute, for this weekly wasted evening.

My working history is quite simply. I started working at Pizza Hut 12 years ago, when I was 17, became a Junior Manager after graduating University, left Pizza Hut in 2005 to join Chiquito (a Mexican Themed Restaurant), and then left restaurants in 2007 to join the real world. One where people have lives outside of their jobs, and didn't work 70 hours per week.

During my 8 years at Pizza Hut I had made many friends, and remembered, that when not running the restaurant, it used to be quite a lot of fun, in between serving food, and dealing with customers (BLOODY CUSTOMERS!). So, I sent a text to an old friend who now runs the Pizza Hut next to the Galpharm Stadium in Huddersfield. He called me back, and I confirmed that I was not taking the piss, and did actually want to give up my Friday evenings to work in the kitchen, for him, making pizzas.

6 weeks on and I'm enjoying it. It's nice not to be in charge. It's nice being in the kitchen and away from bloody customers. I finish my day job at 5pm, drive to Huddersfield, and start making pizzas 6 till 11. Simple!

I started because I wanted to meet different people, and talk to new people, because quite frankly I think my Girlfriend has heard everything I have to say, and generally switches off! Topics of conversation vary, and include: films, music, women, drinking, science, andpizzas (of course).

So there you have it. After working 40 hours per week as Technical Manager, you'll find me Friday nights, in the kitchen, at Pizza Hut in Huddersfield. No Joke!

I recommend it.

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