Sunday, 24 January 2010

A Long Weekend…

I’ve had a 4 day weekend. I finished work on Wednesday, left the ‘Technical Assistant’ a bunch of stuff to do on Thursday and Friday, in my absence, and then left work at 6 (an hour late).

The reason for my extended absence was for the simple, and soul-destroying reason that, I’m moving house.

In August I got confirmation that the tenancy on my apartment was not going to be renewed which meant that I would have to move out by the end of January. Then, a little while before Christmas (it could have been November) instead of looking for another place to rent I decided that as I was 30, and a big boy now, it was probably time to look into a mortgage, found a house, signed my name, the rest is history.

Problem! My house will be completed (built) by June, hopefully!

Homelessness is not an option, and 4 month rentals isn’t really an option so, what did I do? I moved back in with my Mum.

My weekend therefore was long, and busy, and consisted of:

  • Thursday: Packing boxes, emptying drawers.
  • Friday: Borrowing a van, moving big stuff to my Mum’s garage like beds, fridge, wardrobe, sofas, shelves.
  • Saturday: Moving small boxes, lamps, shoes.
  • Sunday: Cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, cookers, ovens, carpets, curtains.

Needless to say, after 4 days of hard work, and Monday morning drawing ever nearer…

I feel like I’m ready for my weekend! :(

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