Sunday, 15 March 2009

Am I an Old Dog?

Following my recent surge into extreme Internet use, I have become very interested in building a website, writing code, and other such things that would be common place in the land of Geek!

As explained earlier, I am comfortable now with becoming a geek, and feel like I should embrace it, but in the background of my mind all I can think is, 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Am I an old dog?

I am 29 years old, 30 in October. I graduated with a third class degree in chemistry 7 years ago, and since then have been restaurant manager for 5 years, and Technical Manager (Quality control etc) for the last 2. Am I too late to be jumping on the information technology 'Band Wagon'? Should I spend my evenings learning how to build websites and how to write code in C++?

On one hand I figure that even if it turns out that any new computing skills will never be used productively, then at least I could say that I'm learning. Growing!!
I foolishly bought a domain on Friday,, and now I have no idea what the hell I'm going to put on it. It seems that I jumped in, with my eyes closed, as now it seems that although I have the domain name, and simple email for that domain, I will have to pay to host it somewhere.

And this is my point! If I don't know these things already, am I too old to learn? Will I keep making decisions that will then back fire on me? I see the likes of Robert Scoble, (a man who I knew nothing about before I started tweeting) and his new job starting 'Building 43', and I just think, 'Why can't I do something like that?' There's such a great variety of ways of making money, on the Internet, but of course you need the right product. Can I supply the right product for the masses, and market it from

I'm not sure! I guess I'll find out though, cos I find myself playing on the Internet now when my other half has gone to bed, and it seems to be website building that I'm searching, and not porn!

I guess all I can do is give it a go. Who knows? I might just get it right and make some money.

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